Captain’s Mix & Magic had its humble beginnings from hotcakes. It was the first mix that introduced us to the magic of baking and pastry.

As enthusiasts of baking cakes, cupcakes, brownies and cookies, we have grown to experiment and test several recipes that eventually built our product base. Formal culinary instruction and industry experience made this interest into a passion. Now, every cake, every slice, every pie, every cookie and every dessert snack is made with utmost care and quality. As the canvass, paint and brush are the tools of an artistic painter, so are the cake, sugar and piping bag for the artistic baker.

We have come to the mission of bringing the banquet cake back to its prime significance to the celebration and that is being part of the banquet itself; not just an item for display. Our aim is to foster a more meaningful banquet experience by serving the cake as the star of the dessert selection.

Whether it is a child’s birthday, a young lady’s debut, a couple’s engagement, the bride and groom’s wedding, a husband and wife’s anniversary or a business’ grand opening or product launching, each design goes through an intricate process of finding the balance between client preference, value and product quality.

You are the most important component of the design. We work to ensure you get the product of your dreams and because cakes are meant to be eaten, you also get the product that your palate deserves.