Skyblue Rainbow


This is a combination of ideas merged into one cake. So, it’s a bit hard to tell if it’s an original design of ours or not. But we are happy with it nonetheless. It started with a cake topper we made a few months ago with a baby on a crib covered with some sugar lace. Base layer included a element of a clothes line full of baby clothes, this was inspired from a cake that a client saw. Rainbow elements were added by the customer’s request on the second layer. Main color is skyblue, airbushed to have that gradient dark to light effect, imitating the sky and clouds.

Welcome to the world Rainbow!

This includes

  • 2 layer cake
  • fondant Baby topper on a crib with sugar lace
  • fondant letter cubes
  • 7 fondant baby related topppers
  • 60 assorted cookies
  • 60 cupcakes