Assassin’s Creed Cake


Happy Birthday Ezio Corleone!

Thank you Angelie for choosing us to make this video game inspired cake.

This cake is made of vanilla and chocolate.  Bottom layer is 12 inch diameter by 4 inch high, while the top layer is 6 inch diameter by 6 inch high. Figure topper is based on the character Ezio Auditore de Firenze in the game Assassin’s Creed 2. The cake structure itself is based on buildings that you can find in the game which is set in Italy. Most buildings were colored in cream, but we decided that coloring it red made Ezio stand out more, since there were a few buildings that had the same color anyway.

The top layer has an effect of concrete, while the bottom layer has the effect of bricks. All wall layers were colored using an airbrush, so it would have a slightly uneven paint effect. All top section of the layers were made to look like wood, handpainted to simulate the grooves of the wood. We added a wood plank on one side, since the game is well known for Ezio to stand on the plank on very high locations and jump from it.

We also handpainted a wanted poster, which is also known in the game.