Bake Happy Manila Workshop at Monster Bakes Cafe – August 3, 2014


Happy bakers enjoying a workshop facilitated by Miss Julie Manundo last August 3, 2014 at Monster Bakes Cafe in Quezon City. The workshop was a treat by Miss Julie to the winners of a recent Cake Decorating Contest in Bake Happy Manila, a facebook group for bakers and baking enthusiasts.

The contest was to post pictures of cakes we’ve made without using tools and equipment that make designing easy. Some used disposable cups as molder for standing pineapple structures, small stainless mixing bowls for a doll cake swirl, and similar “work-arounds” when the tools are not yet available in the batterie de cuisine. 🙂 Our entry was the use of actual chess pieces to produce negatives for edible ones.

It was the first time I ever won anything on facebook and was most welcome as we have a few cakes lined up in Topsy Turvy or Whimsical in structure.  I have always been curious on how to do it and got to see videos on youtube but never gotten the chance to have a go at it. Until that fateful day.

Thanks to Miss Julie, my workshop mates and I had a day of cake decorating fun.  I was just so sorry I couldn’t stay for the second half of the day where Miss Julie taught how to make figures using Chocolate Modeling Clay and a humongous peony flower.

Meeting BHMates was a treat and I must say it was icing on the cake! Just a nice group of people with the common passion of baking our hearts out. The afternoon needles to say, got me relaxed and geared up for the events that were ahead of me at the time.

Monster Bakes Cafe is the perfect venue for baking workshops and they do hold regularly scheduled ones with different decorating or baking focus and a pool of reputable resource facilitator and trainer.  If I only have the opportunity to subscribe to a “season’s pass” of workshops under them I’d do so.

If you are interested to learn anything about baking you can log on facebook and look for the Monster Bakes Cafe page. Miss Bam is the most pleasant person you’ll encounter and would always be ready to attend to your queries.  The shop is located in 1365 E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue, 1112 Quezon City.

Below are our workshop pictures.

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