Autumn Sunset

autumn sunset-14

The couple wanted a specific look for their wedding day, but what mattered to them most is that, the entire cake can be eaten by the guests. This is a 4 layer wedding cake comprised of a 4×4 inch round cake, 6×4 inch round cake, 8×4 inch round cake and a 10×4 inch round cake. All layers were composed of chocolate, cappuccino and vanilla; with ganache filling. It’s then decorated with fondant.

The main topper is based on the image of the couple during their prenup. We matched their clothes and their pose as much as possible. Since the original picture had the girl in mid air, we had to put one leg down for the support of the edible figure.

We were at the event to cut the cake and distributed the cake for the guests during dinner time. We didn’t cut the 4×4 top layer cake with the topper. We set this one aside for the couple to keep after the reception.

Thank you Mr and Mrs Jumawan for the opportunity to make your wonderful cake.