Baby Crib and 50 Cupcakes


Happy Baptism Jhazzryn Chanelle!

This is a 10 inch high and 10 inch length all cake for a baptismal event for their daughter. Concept was provided by the client based on other 3D crib cakes. Although original designs included a real looking baby, which we are not comfortable with. We made the baby head like a cartoon, so it will be cute, but edible at the same time. It has a lot of cake. Flavor is a combination of chocolate and vanilla, coated with chocolate ganache.

The cake also included 50 cupcakes topped with a 2D baby stroller, again, the design was provided by the client.

They also wanted to rent the 12 cupcake Ferris wheel for the event.

Cake was delivered at Dad’s/Saisaki/Kamayan Glorietta 3.

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