Zelda is the Cake!


Zelda greets the birthday girl on her most happy day in Hylian!

This cake is made out of pure love for the game, The Legend of Zelda, inspired by her robe in Skyward Sword and look of Wind Waker.  Read on to see how we made the cake…

Cake Components:

3 recipes of Deep Dark Chocolate Cake to make the 3D Cake and the 50 Cupcakes that will be with it on the special day.  Cake pans used are 2 pcs 6″, 1 pc 3″ and 1 pc 4″.

2 recipes of Marshmallow Fondant (about 2 Kilos in total)

2 recipes of Royal Icing (about 1 Kilo)

Food Colorings used: Warm Brown, Bronze, Lemon Yellow, Red Red, Black, Royal Blue and Leaf Green.

To make the cupcakes, we just baked them in 3oz metallic finish paper cups of colors, silver, green, blue, red, pink, violet and gold. The top is piped with green grass royal icing with the use of a star tip.  Pre-set triangles colored yellow-gold are arranged on top.


For the main cake, she required at least two days of full-focused attention. A princess cannot expect anything less!


The design as sketched by Edwin Francisco.


Free Hand carving for the 3D Cake by Joy Lyn Francisco, general proportions are guided by the sketch.

Each layer is separated with the use of a board and foodsafe straws and dowel sticks.  These support the cake for stability especially during transport. Prior to covering with the first layer of fondant, the cake is filled with frosting then drizzled with syrup and crumbcoated with Royal Icing.


Thin coat of fondant to set the base of the cake.  Sheets of colored fondant will now be layered over this cake.


Boots are made of fondant colored with warm brown food coloring. The dress is a sheet of fondant colored Red but just enough to get the reddish pink hue of Zelda’s dress in the Skyward Sword.  The hair is made out of cut sheet strips of lemon yellow fondant, arranged then loosely tied at the back.


The emblem is piped onto her bolero/scarf with the use of lightly colored royal icing.


The arms and hands are hand shaped fondant then covered with the same shade of red to make the sleeves. The same emblem is piped onto the blue sidecloth with white royal icing.


The banner is made of thin sheet of fondant with edges slightly rolled.  Happy Birthday Zelda is spelled in Hylian. A star tip is used to pipe the grass where Zelda sits.


Completing the board’s decoration with pebbles and small orange flowers. Ready for the satin ribbon sides.

At the venue. Cupcakes and Zelda travelled for 1 hour from Paranaque to destination and graciously arrived on schedule. Set up pictures are as follows:


The 50 cupcakes arranged to a 5-Tier Tower.




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