Pink Teddy

Pink Teddy

011Welcome the bundle of joy with this cake to share with family and friends. Your guests will adore this cake package for your baby’s first party.

The package includes

  • 50 mini cupcakes with assorted fondant toppers and
  • the 6×4 inch cake topped with an Edible teddy bear holding a scroll of fondant bearing the name of the baby.
  • no additional charge for the use of the cupcake and cake displays.

How we make the cake:


This was requested to be Deep Dark Chocolate. The cake was divided into three sections. Each sheet is filled with Royal Icing and Fondant after being drizzled with syrup.  This picture shows the first two sheets of the cake.





Thin Royal Icing then the pink fondant before the third layer is placed on top.






These are the mini cupcakes which have the same cake flavor as the main cake.






Teddy Bear is made of rolled and shaped pink and white fondant. This bear has to set for at least 1 day before being placed on top of the cake.  Right behind her are the roses we made to set her off on the cake top.






Small bows and more flowers are being set as toppers of the cupcakes.






As base of the cupcake toppers, we flatten out fondant sheets then cut out circles using cookie cutters that are close to the diameter of the cupcakes.


Here are the pink circles.






These circles are placed on top of a freshly piped Royal Icing onto the cupcakes. Final decorations are place on top using a small dot of Royal Icing as well.


The butterflies and flowers require a slightly bigger ball of Royal Icing to secure them into place.




Once the round cake is crumbcoated and fully covered with Fondant, it is then decorated with a strip of pink fondant on the base with small shower of flowers on its sides. The Teddy Bear is place on top in front of an arrangement of pink and white flowers. The scroll is written with the baby’s name with the use of Edible Inked pens.







Complete set up of the cake package:


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