Our Rose Flower

Our Rose Flower

We know that there are a lot of blogs already as well as videos out there that shows how to make a fondant rose. However, we would like to share with you how we form ours as well. 🙂

After so many roses we’ve made, we’ve come to the conclusion that the thinner the petals are, the more realistic and dainty the roses get. 🙂 The pictures below will show you the first up to the last layers of petals we use to get the medium sized bloom (about 2 inches in diameter)


The leftmost picture shows a cone that will serve as the base for your rose.

Second column of the picture shows one petal that is used to cover the cone completely. Note that the petal is thin and the edges are slightly rolled back. Sample of the bud is also shown. Here is a bigger image of the first three columns.


Third column is a small blossom with a total of four petals including the first wrap around the cone. Note the overlap of the petals. This way the petals will tuck each other in as you attach them to the bud with either a brush of water or eggwhite or tylose dissolved in water.



Fourth column shows the medium bloom where you add 5 more overlapping petals.  Above is a bigger image of the fourth column showing the 5 overlapping petals.

You can achieve a bigger bloom by adding more layers and overlap petals but for the next set of petals it is also advisable to make slightly bigger petal pieces.

A fondant quantity of about 200 g can produce at least 4 medium blooms as shown below.


Maybe next time we can show you how to make them through a video. For questions, comments and suggestions, feel free to drop a line below.

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