New Miss Kitty Version

New Miss Kitty Version

016Up the cuteness ante on your birthday with this cake!

We acknowledge our client who gave us a picture of the cake she wants matched for her birthday. Dainty colors cover the sides of the cake that has all edible Miss Kitty sitting prettily on top dressed as a pink angel.

The fondant is made from scratch with Powdered Sugar, Cornstarch, Eggwhites, Glucose, Glycerine, water, and fondant improver. Colors we used were Lemon Yellow, Red and Green.  Our fondant also doubles as the Gumpaste once it is kneaded with CMC or Tylose Powder.  Check out how we mix our fondant on this post.

How we made this cake:


The cake is chocolate with chopped roasted nuts and chocolate chips.  The bits were tossed in flour before stirring into the cake mix to prevent it from sinking at the bottom of the pan during baking.

Here, we have crumbcoated it with Royal Icing. In-between the three layers are also Marshmallows and Chocolate Chips.





This shows the cake fully covered with fondant. The thin fondant allows for the sharper edges on the cake.  We roll our fondant up to a maximum of 1/3 an inch thick.






We colored about 300 g of Fondant for each shade.  For the peach color, we kneaded about 100g each of the pink and yellow fondant. Flatten these colors and cut out rectangles that will cover the side of the cake.  Align them carefully on a flat work surface to ensure that the panels are of uniform height and thickness. The width can slightly vary unless you really want to make each panel into the exact dimensions.

Allowing the width of each panel to vary will make it easy to fit the last color panel onto the side of the cake.




These are the figures we also made for this cake. Given the colors of fondant we have, we were able to form two butterflies, some flowers, the letter squares, the number where the slim candle will be inserted and of course, Miss Kitty.






After about an hour in which the figures are allowed to set in the baking pans, we carefully placed them on the cake supported with dowel rods.






The colored panels are now in place on the side of the cake.  We attach them with a thin spread of Royal Icing.






For the letters on the squares, we use our Cricut machine to cut out uniform letters. Trimming off the excess fondant requires utmost care and patience! 🙂  On this picture, the machine is fed with pink thin fondant sheet to cut out the squares.  This ensures that the size of the squares are the same.





Letters being trimmed out of the white fondant sheet.






To ensure that the name will be centered on the side of the cake, we suggest starting to attach the middle letters then work your way to the right then to the left of the cake.






Closer look at the letters on the squares. Attaching these letters will also require a thin spread of Royal Icing.






Finishing touches of placing the two butterflies and dainty flowers all around the cake complete the look.  Here are more pictures of the cake:




Hope you like it! For questions, comments please feel free to drop a line below!







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