Two-Layer 2D Character Cake

Two-Layer 2D Character Cake

006See an illustration of your favorite character on your next celebration cake then level up the fun with cupcakes to boot!


  • Cake may be any flavor of your choice: Chocolate, Vanilla, Cappuccino, Banana, Carrot and many more!
  • 30 pcs cupcakes of the same flavor as the main cake topped with the character icon or emblem.
  • Cake is covered and decorated with Fondant, Royal Icing and Gumpaste.
  • Image to be transferred on the cake layer is subject for transfer-criteria. All character illustrations are properties of their respective publishers and creators.

How we do it…

1. Illustration will be agreed by the client and CMM’s design team.  CMM does not own the character illustrations transferred onto cakes.

2. Cakes are baked according to agreed dimensions.  This one is a 6″x5″ and 8″x5″ layers.

3. Crumbcoat with Royal Icing then covered with Marshmallow Fondant.  It is then airbrushed to desired color and allowed to set for at least 30 minutes.  For images of this step, you may take a look at our previous cakes Catnniversary or Menma.

4. A thin sheet of fondant is rolled and cut according to the outline of the illustration. Puncture marks are done to trace the illustration to the fondant. This will be the guide marks for either edible paint outline or piped royal icing outline.

5. To achieve the “flat relief” effect, elements of the illustration that will have another layer of pre-cut sheets will be identified. In this illustration cake, the hair, a shirt sleeve and the watch are identified as the elevated layers.


6. Illustration is finally attached onto the side of the cake while it is just about to set. It may be attached using a thin spread of royal icing or edible glue (water+tylose), eggwhite or even just a light brush of water (if your illustration is less than 1/2 inch thick).

7. Final touches of the color are painted on.

Top Layer


Bottom Layer inserted with 5 food-safe pearl straws.


8. Assemble Cake. We stack it aligned to one side not centered to keep the illustration unified in one angle.  Cake support is composed of food-safe pearl straws that are cut to exactly the height of the bottom layer.  This will remove the weight of the top layer from the bottom layer and prevent it from deforming the cake.


8. 30 pieces of cupcakes are prepared and finished in a similar fashion. Cupcakes are baked then cooled. Basic emblem shape is cut out of a sheet of Fondant then once it is set and firm, details are painted onto the shape. This emblem piece is placed on top of the cupcakes, which are already thinly spread with Royal Icing.


Arrange the cake and cupcakes and you are all set for your party!




For more inquiries please do not hesitate to contact us.  We deliver for a minimum product order of PhP500.00.  Delivery is free for Muntinlupa, Paranaque and Las Pinas Areas.

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