50th Alumni Homecoming of Paco Catholic School (PCS)


In celebration of the 50th Anniversary of PCS Batch 1963, Captain’s Mix and Magic got the honor of making their Gala Cake last February 17, 2013 at the Makati Shangri-La Hotel’s Rizal Ballroom.

The whole place was bursting with alumni excitement as the 3-day grand reunion was about to come to its glamorous conclusion.  Amidst the hustle and bustle of congratulating awardees and catching up with good’ol buddies, the gala cake was positioned as a blue oasis of the function area.


Three tiers of Moist Deep Dark Chocolate Cake were stacked and decorated with the school colors of blue, white and gold. The  cake was gradient blue and piped with gold scrolls all over its sides. The number and inscription are cut white fondant and piped white royal icing, respectively.  In honor of their dear alma mater, the cake was crowned with the Paco Catholic School Logo made of set Gumpaste detailed with Royal Icing.


As part of the Gala Night, the 1963 Batch wanted to feature the birthday celebrators for each month of the year.
A list is printed on specialty paper then set on sugarlollipops that are inserted on chocolate cupcakes, which are then arranged all around the cake.


Captain’s Mix and Magic was so

overwhelmed with how the graduates received the cake as it became a second photo-booth station for the night!

As the program progressed, key note speakers and alumni inspiration leaders took their  turn on sharing their experiences for the past 50 years. Each attendee has a marvelous story to tell and everyone listened to the three awardees who told their stories.

The night was undoubtedly one that will be forever remembered for its celebration of friendship, camaraderie and noble deeds.

More photos of the event and the cake!

Team Leaders of the Grand Reunion have fun making the first cut of the cake.


The first slice signaled the all-edible-bordering-to-sinful cake rave to begin! Needless to say, all attendees had a piece of cake just before strutting their stuff and clicking their heels on the dance floor.

Here is how we made this most photographed cake yet of Captain’s Mix and Magic:

The approved cake design.


The cupcakes were added to the design to secure the lollipop months.

Three cake layers with the following dimensions were filled and covered with Royal Icing and Fondant: 8″x5″ top layer, 10″x5″ middle layer and 12″x5″ bottom layer. Each layer had cake-boards underneath that were of the exact diameter as the cake. Cakes were inserted with food-safe pearl straws to ensure stability and weight distribution all throughout the cake


Once each layer is carefully stacked on top of each other, separated by cake boards and supported by pearl straws, the whole stack is then inserted with a 1/2 inch diameter wooden dowel rod that is pushed at the middle from top all the way to the bottom.


For some structures, this dowel rod is sharpened at the tip to easily hammer it through the boards.  However, hammering it through may add pressure to the cake layers.  It is suggested that a 1-inch diameter hole is cut at the middle of the cake boards to allow ease of passage through the cake.  Please see our Petronas cake for an image of the board.


The cake base is covered with fondant as well to unify the look of the design.  Covering the board also makes the design more appealing and it will make it easier to decorate the base with the piped scrolls when the fondant is set.


The whole cake is then airbrushed with the gradient food color starting with the light shade to the darker shade of blue.


Once the colors are set, scrolls and inscription are piped onto the sides of the cake with the use of a medium star tip. Scrolls and inscription are piped free-hand.

A 6-inch disc is cut and attached with a pre-cut number 50 then placed at the side of the cake with the use of a thin spread of Royal Icing.


The month lollipops are made of Gumpaste with the size of 2 2/1 diameter disc by 1/4 inch thick. A 6″ long barbecue stick is thinly applied with Royal Icing at its tip just before being inserted to the lollipops. This is allowed to set and then months are piped onto its face.


The most challenging element of the design is the edible school logo.


An 8-inch diameter printout was made to be the trace-source of the edible logo. Three sheets of Gumpaste completed this logo candy and details were piped Royal Icing.


The cupcakes are also decorated and covered with fondant and royal icing where the months are also indicated to match the lollipop to be inserted.


Final touches on site. Here, Edwin is painting a last layer of edible glitter onto the scrolls of the cake.


Cake is prettily waiting for its cake-table as it was being skirted by the Makati Shangri-La Banquet Team.  It was only during this time that we found out that the cake’s location is smack in the center of the ballroom. Highly intimidating at first but as the cake was finally wheeled onto the dancefloor, it sort of smiled for everyone’s picture requests.

Captain’s Mix and Magic thanks Batch ’63 of Paco Catholic School for this wonderful event! Here is to more cherished memories and perpetual youth of the spirit! NOBLESSE OBLIGE!