Our Biggest Rose EVER!!!

Our Biggest Rose EVER!!!

It has been a long search and journey of trying to make the huge flowers I see in other commercial cakes. I always wondered how they did it. What are the tools? What is the mix?

I always thought it must be something really elusive because I nearly pinched my fingers sore making my old flowers. It was acceptable as the technique I learned is most likely the basic. Then I discovered small rolling pins, petal cutters, veiners and petal texture impressions. After a few years I slowly got to make them thinner, with more texture but never the size I wanted. I wanted a rose that fits in my palm that is comparatively lightweight from my other flowers.

Only until I used what cake decorating communities call the CMC or Tylose powder to my fondant recipe did I achieve the texture, finish and most importantly the size that I was looking for.

Gone will be the day when I will worry that my flowers won’t be big enough for a romantic wedding cake! Just look at these flowers we can make now!

P.S. I think we also saw the potential to Stargazers, these are our first two tries.


What do you think? 🙂

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