Butterflies & Distractions

Butterflies & Distractions

Comic edible couple showing the bride is trying her best to keep her groom focused on the reception rather than the screen. The cake measures a total of 20 inches in height including the topper. Cake base layer is 12″ in diameter.

More Pictures:

*With a minimum order of PhP500.00 worth of items, we deliver for free within Muntinlupa, Paranaque and Las Pinas. Delivery fees apply to other areas.


27 comments on “Butterflies & Distractions
  1. tatess says:

    Ang ganda ng color at design ng cake .If I am going to get married,my choice is the citrus carrot cake. Nice ,pati topper ay edible.

  2. Clint says:

    I so love the cake! And the color is so young!

  3. joy says:

    i love the color of the cake 🙂 the simple design make it look elegant

  4. joy says:

    the cake color and simple design make it look elegant

  5. …grabe, pag passionate ka talaga sa ginagawa mo, the best for sure ang product or service mo! Kudos! love it!!!

  6. Amor says:

    diba merong mix magic sa Gaisano Mall Davao?

    • zenithlen says:

      there is? ours is Captain’s Mix and Magic. We are not connected with them. i suppose the name is just similar. 🙂

  7. Violy says:

    Wow ang Ganda!! Nice color and very clean ang design!

  8. Kay says:

    darn … o diba now gusto ko ikasal para lang may ganyan akong cake haha …

  9. Sumi says:

    Wow, I so love wedding cakes even if it’ll be long before I have to get one for myself.. haha.. Btw, love the color and the design! 🙂 It’s so cool and light on the eyes.

  10. Wedding cakes from Butterflies and Distractions are very nice. The design is superb. Cakes are ideal for the would-be wedded couple.

  11. ROMELO says:

    Wow! Ganda naman nung cake sa pictures. Gaano kaya kasarap yun?

  12. Sionee says:

    WOW! The cake looks so lovely! And it’s one of my fave colors. Gosh aliw naman.. the cake topper is so cute btw.

  13. chrisair says:

    this is cool design, you have talent doing these

  14. Stacy says:

    I love the unique color. =) I think butterflies are appropriate for weddings too

  15. AJ says:

    What a fun cake! And the bride looks like Miss Piggy. 🙂

  16. yuuki says:

    love, love ur design! the couple must be really cool to have the toppers to be different from the usual…

  17. Cha says:

    You made all of this by yourself? Wow you are so talented!

  18. Aleah says:

    Love the concept! Siguro blogger yung groom at di mabitawan yung laptop even on his wedding day haha

  19. Ed Zafra says:

    You do have a pretty good knowledge of your business and craft. I hope for your continuing success in it.

  20. michi says:

    ang cute ng cake topper, wala ko ganyan yung wedding cake ko.

  21. ralph says:

    this is nicely done… very artistic cake decor. Yahweh bless.

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