Other Services

We have other services other cakes and pastries. We can offer rentals of chocolate fountains, cake and cupcake towers.

Chocolate Fountain

Rental Price: PhP3,500.00 (1 fountain), PhP5,000.00 (2 fountains)
(Includes onsite service) 

Fountain by offer milk, premium, dark or white chocolate. Maximum selection of 2 flavors per event. package includes 2 biscuit, large marshmallows and 2 kinds of fresh fruits as dipping snacks.

Roman Cake Tower

Rental Price: (Please contact us)


Cupcakes Tower

Rental Price: (Please contact us)


Multi-layered Cake Tower (maximum of 5)

Rental Price: (Please contact us) 

Multi-layered Cupcake Tower

Rental Price: (Please contact us)