Doll Cakes

Doll cakes have become quite the staple for birthday girls. What better way to celebrate your birthday but with a dainty cake and get a new toy after the party? This cake is a double treat indeed!

For a twins’ birthday celebration, you have to have twin dolls!


This set up included cupcakes and mini candle cakes.

We know there are hundreds if not thousands of doll cake progress pictures uploaded by different sites and bakers. However, we have yet to share some of ours.

So here is one set for this particular doll cake design:


Skirt Cake size is 6 inches in diameter by about 5 inches in height. Top area is carved freehand to achieve the dome shape.



The cake was Butter Strawberry by the way. 😀

pinkbarbie-7Initial cover was yellow fondant then decorated with pink ruffles.

If you wish to know more about doll cake decorating, drop us a line below.

Delivery and set up is free within Paranaque areas. Interested parties are encouraged inquire, reserve and/or confirm orders three weeks before the event date at the latest.  Earlier reservations are most welcome.

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