Floral Aqua Wedding Tower Cake


Flowers always create the romance and add drama to a wedding cake.  This is one of our tallest cake to date and we are so happy as to how it turned out especially with the gradient color on the cake.

The beautiful bride was very specific on what she wanted to see on her cake and it was our honor to make it happen for her. 🙂 She showed as some photos of the flower arrangements she had chosen at Deer Park flower shop, so we did our best to sustain the same style. The base layer, second layer, fourth and top layer cakes consist of Moist Chocolate filled and frosted with Dark Chocolate Ganache. The middle layer is a specially requested Carrot and Nut Cake filled and frosted with Royal Icing.  All five layers are covered and decorated with Captain’s Fondant.  Each section is accentuated with a ring of edible closed Peony flowers subtly sprayed with Baby’s Breath candy flowers.

To achieve the gradient effect on the cake, we used an airbrush to deepen the hue of aqua on the cake, lightest shade on top then darker multiple coats towards the bottom.  The Peonies assumed the reverse gradient where the lighter shades were arranged on top the bottom layer then the darker shaded flowers were arranged on top.

For the couple’s keepsake, their initials were attached to the third layer and a non-edible couple figure was placed on top.  Each tier is separated and supported by sturdy crystal finish pillars anchored to food-safe cake boards that fit the pegs of the rods. This structure of support removed the weight of the cake from itself as the tiers were arranged on on top the next.

The cake definitely embodies the sweetness of the couple and how much of a romantic the bride and groom are.  It is always a joy for Captain’s Mix and Magic to bear witness to a couple who are so much inlove through the cake that they celebrate their union with. Because aside from making the cake that wants to be seen, we want the cake to be part of their feast. Remember: Cakes are meant to be eaten!!!