Baby Bootie Tutorial

Baby Bootie Tutorial

Here is how we basically do our Booties on cakes for special occasions. Making it from fondant, it is composed of three main cut outs that uses paper template I cut free-hand.

I hope the pictures would be clear and you need to see it from top left to right for the progress.  The two shoe cradles are made of crumpled and formed food foil then wrapped in cling wrap.  The cradle is lightly dusted with cornstarch so that it will be easily detached upon finishing.

The elongated cut out is attached at the back first then wrapped forward reaching more than half the shoe cradle. The T cut out is used to form the flap and front of the shoe. It should overlap the first cut out at the front.  The spot where they overlap should be brushed with a little water for the two parts to stick together.

While it is soft, it can be impressed with “stitches” then allowed to set.

To make the third main part of the bootie, the pre-set feet are placed on another sheet of fondant. The fondant is then cut to form the shoe soles.

Finishing touches on the booties can then be added to complete the look.  It is further allowed to set but not yet attached to the sole.

Once firm, the shoe cradles can be removed and the hollow bootie can be attached using a dab of thin royal icing.

It can now be positioned on top of the cake!

Here are the booties on the cake. The shoe cradles are removed and the soles are attached with the use of Royal Icing.


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