We All Live In A Submarine Custom Cake


This cake is inspired from the Beatles. Our client just wanted to have a cake that remind him of Beatles, they weren’t sure how though. We thought of using the animation “The Yellow Submarine” as our inspiration. Although we could not do the entire submarine as the cake, our main goal was to put all the performers of the Beatles on the cake. The cake itself is just a portion of the top section of the submarine.

The Beatles themselves, had other form of instruments in the animation, but our client wanted that they will be using the original instruments that they have in real life. So we researched what instruments that they used and how they held it, made sure who was right handed or left handed. So Paul has his guitar in a different position than John and George.

This was a fascinating project to work on, someday we hope to make a bigger Yellow Submarine. Perhaps one that has the whole structure complete with the scope on the bridge.

All edible cake is frosted and finished with Captain’s fondant. Support structures used are food safe. No styrofoam is used to complete this cake because, Cakes are Meant to be Eaten!

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