Coolest Characters on Cake

Coolest Characters on Cake


Ice Castle cake

In a span of one and a half months we have done at least six Frozen themed cakes!

Needless to say it is the most sought after theme for birthday girl parties! Everyone loves the Snow Queen Elsa, the adorable Princess Ana and the warm-hugs-loving snowman Olaf.  Seriously, children can’t stop singing the songs during these parties (I am willing to bet even outside these parties!)

Frozen is phenomenal as to how it has crossed cultures and fortified the redefinition of Princesses and Queens, as we believe that were begun by fairy tales where the lead female characters were not dependent on a prince or romantic love to sweep them off their feet and save the day. With the absorbing songs that I think will forever be etched in our brains, it further secures its footing on the “All-Time Favorite” party theme.

This theme for a cake came to us through a message on Facebook from a friend who is organizing a party for another friend and she was hoping to have us make her friend’s cake. Of course we were happy to oblige. Making fondant figures has been around in the market and we have been making characters in the last three years. However, the timing couldn’t be more perfect as we have just “upgraded” our figure-making skills through a tutorial video we saw uploaded by the Artisan Cake Company. So we were soooo ready and excited!

After that momentous party, we got more little girls wanting Elsa in their party.  We have found ourselves several opportunities to test poses and versions of each character.  Each cake is unique as all figures are done by hand without any molders. Somehow it was as if Elsa wanted to smile, to stand, to tilt her head or to look at her spectators differently in each cake. We also like to think that Ana was shy on our first figure but on the succeeding figures showed a lot of her cute personality and love for her sister.  Olaf is just always hilarious! 🙂



Let It Go Cake


The above design is inspired by the castle floor where Elsa stomped her foot and spread her powers in order to create the castle.  The floor had her signature snowflake and this is the closest pattern we can cut sans Cricut or other stencils.


Snowtime Cake


This cake features the three characters of the movie, character poses can differ as well. 🙂


Snowtime Cake


Snowflakes Created


Hi I’m Olaf!!!…and I love warm hugs!


Frozen Trio


In the topmost picture we were able to come up with a design that features parts of Elsa’s Castle, the balcony is important to show off the queenliness of Elsa and her power over snow and winter. 🙂

There are so many things you can do with the Frozen theme for cakes and we are so happy to explore the possibilities.  In our next post, we will feature how we formed Ana in one of the cakes we made. 🙂



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  1. Lallen Ramos says:

    Hi joylyn! Elena Ramos here. Ask ko lng how much ung frozen na 1 layer lng cake na may character na Elsa? Tnx….

    • Dwin says:

      Hello po. This is Edwin. Thank you for your inquiry. 1 character on a 1 layer cake po 10 inch diameter by 3 inch high is around PhP2500. This is considering that the flavor is chocolate, vanilla, cappuccino or red velvet (no cream cheese). If you have any questions or inquiries po, please email us at or or you can contact us at Globe: +63(916)303-6212, Sun: +63(942)552-4334, Smart: +63(921)403-4106. Thank you.

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