Fun with Illustration Transfers

Fun with Illustration Transfers


The Captain’s Mix and Magic has had several cakes where images are transferred from printouts to fondant then onto the cake.  There are many ways on how to use this style of decorating cakes and once you have gotten the hang of it, you can play with tinted fondant and layer them to give a semi-3D effect or use your painting skills to give the brush-style artistic stroke.

This is also a good way to be consistent with your party theme.  The best image to transfer is a line-art image or cartoon version of the picture.

Three dimensional characters often have their line-art version and that is the best image to transfer onto your cakes as it is already in 2D.

Here are samples of cakes we have made recently:

tink cakeThe Tinkerbell illustration is one that is taken from the web.  She is brought to life with use of paint-on food colors.  We used brush strokes here to give her the water colored effect.  The cake is completed with a pre set 3D name and flowers to establish Tink’s environment.




Originally Sulley is a 3D character.  We looked for a line-art image online and voila! His cute smile is now a 2D fondant illustration on a Butter Cream Frosted cake. 🙂




The Flash’s emblem is an example of tinted fondant illustration transfer that is layered to have a semi 3D effect.




This is a specific request by our client who loves Hello Kitty and Star Wars.  Luckily she found a picture of a Hello Kitty trooper online and gave us that image to transfer onto the cake. The red ribbon is a 3D fondant element for the cake.




Illustration transfers can be very versatile as seen on our recent soldier cake. Here we used a combination of brush stroke, tinted fondant layers and color pen writing for face detailing. To set off the military theme, we placed the illustration on a camouflage tinted fondant.  Tricky but easy at the same time. 🙂


More Illustration Transfer cakes!!!



Spidey’s emblem on Marshmallow Icing.


Inspired by a gamer’s favorite character.


Tinted and brush stroked fondant set then attached on a “Justified” cake layering.


Combination of handshaped fondant and transferred illustration makes the cake almost like a diorama.


One of our favorite transfers! Akazukin Cha Cha!


Comic book lovers will also enjoy getting their favorite characters in cake version through this cake decorating technique.


For instructions on how to do these, visit our other featured cakes like the Catnniversary or the Menma Cakes.



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