Cake Art: Talent or Training?

Cake Art: Talent or Training?

020For all forms of art, be it visual, performed or culinary, we have seen extraordinary people demonstrate their ability and we have been left at awe after every performance or visual feature.

To many, they consider it as pure talent. Something that no else has. They have the gift.

However, if you get to talk these celebrated people of their respective art-form, you will discover that they do what they do everyday, if not every waking moment in their lives. Great composers hear notes whenever they stroll down the streets. Great dancers always see a step or a more artistic way to reach for that fruit in the market. They keep these in their thoughts and incorporate them to pieces that give opportunity to be displayed.  This is their training: to think, to breathe, to bleed and to live their art form. This is how passionate artists are.

Cake artists are no different.

002People will also note that artists are very protective of their craft. Always evolving but always personal in approach.  Every rolled dough is personal. Every piped scroll is personal. Every shaped fondant is personal. Style is developed over years of practice. Identity is determined by consistency. Reputation is built by dependability. The work is the signature.

This is also why artists can be their most difficult critic.

003They know their limits yet they want to push further. They know the flaws of the output and it is magnified in their eyes; outshining what is good on the piece.  Then they kick themselves and resolve to start over until they get it right.

Yet for one to be the best in the form of art, he or she has to have the talent prior to training. This premise, I believe may not be completely true anymore. I have seen singers and dancers that started out rather shabbily. But after years and years of training, they develop the power, melody, finesse and grace in their performances.  What did they have in the beginning?  It is the determination of getting it right.

It can be the same for cake art.  If you want to be able to make those intricate designs, you have to be determined and put in the effort of getting to that point.  Saying that you don’t have the talent for it or you just can’t do it or maybe you’re just not cut out for it, is ultimately your decision to quit trying.


In the end, in any field, the question is no longer whether you have the talent or you are willing to be trained for it. It becomes a question of whether you have the heart for it.

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