Splash of a Doll on a Cake

Splash of a Doll on a Cake


These fun and fashionable dolls can be seen on your next cake!

Cake measures 8 inches diameter and 3 inches in height. Covered with Royal Icing and Marshmallow Fondant with the color of your choice, the doll you like will be poised on top with her pet.

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Start with a cake covered and prepared with colored fondant. Major elements of the doll are rounded then flattened skintone fondant, rolled and shaped arms to hands and legs.


The doll is made out of colored fondant. Shirt stripes are drawn on the surface using food color pens.


Dress is made of fondant sheets frilled with the use of a modelling tool.


Hair is yellow fondant rolled into tubes then arranged on the sides secured with a red bow.

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