Many Ways to Enjoy Rainbow Cupcakes!!!

Many Ways to Enjoy Rainbow Cupcakes!!!


The many many ways to enjoy our Rainbow Cupcakes start with the flavor, then the frosting and then the two kinds of topping. Did we mention that these can all be mixed and matched by the dozen as well?


From Left to Right:

First the cupcake with the colorful secret that is flavored then baked.  Second is the choice of frosting, this one is a swirl of White Chocolate Ganache.  Third is topped with Chocolate Sprinkles. Fourth is topped with the second treat of White Chocolate Chips.

Available Flavors of the Rainbow Cupcake:

1. Rum Chocolate

2. Sweet Pandan

3. Fruity Strawberry

4. Vanilla Butter

5. Ube Real

Available Frostings of the Rainbow Cupcake:

1. Marshmallow Icing (may be flavored as above then piped up to 3 colors onto a cupcake)

2. Royal Icing (may be flavored as above then piped up to 3 colors onto a cupcake)

3. Buttercream Frosting (may be flavored as above then piped up to 3 colors onto a cupcake)

4. Dark Chocolate Ganache Blankets

5. White Chocolate Ganache Blankets (as the first picture of this article)

6. Two-Tone Fondant Cover

First Topping Choices:

1. Chocolate Sprinkles

2. Colored Sprinkles

3. Colored Sugar Crystals


Second Topping Choices:

1. White Chocolate Chips

2. Dark Chocolate Chips

3. Mini Marshmallows

4. Colored Candy Coated Mini Chocolate

5. Grated Chocolate

Specialty Topping Choices:

1. Chocolate Dipped Strawberry (Up to two color dipping, subject to availability)

2. Chocolate Drizzled Banana Chunk (Up to two color drizzle, subject to availability)

3. Mini 3D Fondant Topper


4. 2″ diameter 2D Fondant Topper


5. Fondant Flower (Medium Bloom Rose)

Red Roses Victorian

Packaging Options:

1. Box of 12 pieces

2. Individual Box Gem Case


Sample Combinations:



This is Sweet Pandan Flavored Rainbow Cupcakes with Two-Tone Marshmallow Icing Topped with Colored Sprinkles and Dark Chocolate Chips in Individual Box Gem Case.




This is Rum Chocolate Rainbow Cupcake with Dark Chocolate Blanket Topped with White Chocolate Chips and Colored Sugar Crystals in a Box of 12 pieces.005






These are Vanilla Butter Rainbow Cupcakes with White Chocolate Ganache Blankets Topped with Chocolate Sprinkles and White Chocolate Chips.




So take your pick on how to finish this highly versatile cupcake and you are sure to wow your guests and family with every bite!

For more inquiries please do not hesitate to contact us.  We deliver for a minimum product order of PhP500.00.  Delivery is free for Muntinlupa, Paranaque and Las Pinas Areas.



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