Casino Cupcakes


Place your bets! Place your bets! You always win with a cupcake!

These cupcakes will make you take your chances on delicious endeavors.  It can be made of any of our available cake flavors. Frosted with Royal Icing and topped with either Fondant chips, cards or dice.  It certainly raises the stakes for a fun-filled themed party.

How we made them:


Our three oz cupcakes looking absolutely sensational on these foil-finish double lined paper cups.

The cards are made of flattened fondant sheets cut into uniform rectangles. Once firm and set, we used a fine tipped brush to draw the card details. No two cards should be the same otherwise you’d be accused of cheating!


Chips on the other had is made of cut out circles of red and blue fondant. For a deeper color, you can opt to paint these colors onto the set chips. Details are piped Royal Icing.


Cards and chips as well as the dice may be placed in combination on top of the Royal Icing frosted cupcakes.


These cupcakes are then placed inside individual boxes ready to go the big winner that is your guest!


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