The Joys of Making 3D Character Cakes

The Joys of Making 3D Character Cakes

all in one

We saw cakes like these only through TV and websites. We hoped we can make something like them someday. Fast forward to two years and we have made these designs! We know we have a long way to go but we would like to mark this milestone for Captain’s Mix and Magic that we have actually made these.

Key Points for the Construction:

0051. Layer Support – main sections of these cakes are the leg area, the torso and the head. In between these sections are cake boards that have holes in the middle. Before the layer on top of each section are placed, we insert dowel rods or tapioca straws cut to the height of the section 010then the cakeboard then the next cake layer until the last section is placed.

2. Core Stability – the reason why each cakeboard must be punched with a hole in the middle is for the core dowel rod to go through the whole cake. It serves 004more like a spine for the whole 3D Character cake.

3. Cake Anchor – the core dowel rod must go through the whole cake, the main cake board to the styro base (about 1 and 1/2 inch thick at least). This “kebab” or “skewer” method secures the whole 005cake to the base board. In the pictures the styrobase is covered with foodgrade aluminum foil.

Once the structure is secured, final details may be attached to complete the look.

There will be at least two icing coverings for the cake. In our case, we crumbcoat the cake with Royal Icing then cover it with a primary layer of thin Marshmallow Fondant. The second layer of Fondant will dictate the initial details such as clothes, skin color and the like. Finer details like pockets, clothes designs, facial features and shoe finishes may be done also with Fondant but the mixture must be added with tylose powder. As for the hair, it could be snippets of fondant or piped Royal Icing.

Each cake will always be different from the others and it sort of has that charm in its own way. 🙂

We always enjoy making cakes such as these and relish on the moment they get shared with the guests of the celebration. It is fun to watch everyone gasp on the first slice and excitement we see on the hosts of the event. It all makes the effort well worth it. 🙂 Every creation has to be an improvement of the last and we know we still have a lot of room to perfect our craft.

Tell us what you think and what you like to see as our next cake project. Leave your suggestions on the comments section below. Happy ArtCaking!


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