Ben and Friends


Description: It is always best to celebrate birthdays and special occasions with friends and family. Ben makes sure his friends will be with you on your special day with this cake!


  • Main Cake: Deep Dark Chocolate Cake size is equivalent to a round cake of 10″ wide by 5″ high.
  • Covered and decorated with Royal Icing, Marshmallow Fondant and Gumpaste.
  • Gel colors are used to tint the icings.
  • Total number of servings: up to 100 including the cupcakes. (banquet slices are smaller than plated serving.)

More Pictures:

Initial sketches of Ben as the Main Cake. Upper left corner of the picture was the original concept for the cupcakes that would go with the cake. The client opted for the Character topper upgrade. 🙂


Handshaped figures. This is one of the characters, the only girl in the group. 🙂


Here is Ben’s cupcake topper version. No molds were used to shape any of the figures parts. 🙂


10 pairs of alien legs and feet and 20 pairs of alien arms and hands. Yes, the figure has four arms each.


Lying down is the green alien with heavy feet.


Figures are fitted with wooden picks to secure them onto the cupcake.


Now for the Main Cake. Ben is to be 100% Chocolate Cake, no Rice Crispies which made it quite a challenge to put together.


Whole cake!


The cake is supported with firm straws, cake boards and main dowel rod that is pushed all through the cake and the base board to a thick foam underneath that serves as the anchor for the structure.


Green alien getting his detail on.


Fondant cut outs are used for Ben’s eyes and a blop of brown royal icing is spread on his head for his hair. We use a small offset spatula for this. This picture makes him look like a baby!


Hair is now nicely spread on his head, arms are attached with his gadget on his left hand.


50 cupcakes of the same flavor as the main cake are lined up for finishing.


White Royal Icing is piped in large rosette on each cupcake.


There are the flames on his head. Gumpaste and then piped Royal Icing.


Eyebrows made from rolled black Gumpaste, a line of brown Royal Icing for his lips and attached with Gumpaste feet in shoes complete his look.


To add color to the rosettes, we pipe a line of color in between the folds.


This one has brown lines.


Placing the toppers onto the cupcakes.


Red alien on the cupcakes.


The birthday boy laughingly said Ben needs a comb! heheh! We told him that Ben may have just woken up and isn’t a morning person. 🙂


Ben with 4 of the 5 designs of cupcake. Party Party woop woop!!!