Miss Kitty and Cupcake Friends

Description: Our second design for Miss Kitty. All-edible chocolate cake with 3 designs of cakepop toppers on cupcakes. Miss Kitty sits in front of her own birthday cake this time with butterflies fluttering around.Details: 

  • Total number of servings: 75 including cupcakes.
  • Main Cake size equivalent to 3 pcs 6×3 round cakes.
  • Deep Dark Chocolate cake and cupcakes covered in Royal Icing and Marshmallow Fondant
  • Details and design are made of gumpaste.

More Pictures:

Top of cake Butterflies setting.

Getting her form together. Arms in place. Butterflies set to flutter.Cakepop toppers on standby

She is ready for her make up. Curled wire makes a more sturdy support for the butterflies to fly. Basket-weave impression on the ribbon for texture. Golden yellow for a golden baby! Her face is made of set Royal Icing. Seems like her supposed whiskers are eyelash extensions! Dressing up the cupcakes.

Almost done. Our first attempt to create My Melody and Kerokerokeroppi Cakepop toppers. Finishing off the cake borders. Final designs on the cake board. See the butterfly flutter? 🙂 Kero looking up. Full birthday cake set up.