Human Lasallian Star 2012

Human Lasallian Star 2012

It all happened last June 17, 2012.  Students, Faculty, Management, Friends and Family of the Lasallian Community came together to form the biggest Human Lasallian Star!

As a graduate of De La Salle University – Dasmarinas, it was important and highly significant for us to be part of this year’s formation.  We missed the previous star formations and we just couldn’t pass this one up.

Participating in the event is another thing from sponsoring one of the booths.  The opportunity to re-acquaint ourselves with the campus was a very novel experience.  We can’t help but feel nostalgic as we passed through the usual halls though most of the halls were either re-paved, cemented or re-designed with garden landscape.  It definitely gave us a clue on how much development occurred over the past two decades.

The day’s weather was perfect!  Because of the cloudy day – though most people were worried it would rain – the heat wasn’t scorching.  Remarkably, rain started right after the formation dispersed. 🙂

We were honored to make the Tala Cake for the event as Tala is the event icon.  The cake is all-edible with Chocolate Cake and Rice Crispie Treats covered in fondant and gumpaste.  Check out our article about Tala with the images on his creation progress on this page:

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