Tower Gift Cupcake

Tower Gift Cupcake

Description: 30 individually boxed and 10 letter cupcakes are displayed in a 5-Level Sweet Tower.  Great idea to merge Birthday/Baptismal Cake with Party Gift for Guests into one. Color and cupcake toppers may be changed according to theme and party color scheme.

Details: Cupcakes may be any of our available cake flavors topped with either Royal Icing, Marshmallow Icing, Rolled Fondant or any variety of Buttercream Frostings. Price my vary according to combinations.

  • Letters are gumpaste cutouts. Colors may vary according to Party Color Scheme.
  • Cupcake topper come in at least 5 designs that are hand-shaped gumpaste. Color and design will depend on Party Theme.
  • Frosting can be piped to a maximum of 4 colors onto the cupcakes.

More Pictures:

Shaping the baby shoe topper by hand.

5 topper designs for the Baby Boy Baptismal: Toy Ball, Baby Bottle, Pacifier, Baby Shoe and Bib.

Setting the designs to firm up at least overnight.

Letters are cut and set with re-sized barbecue skewers at least overnight.

Boxes assembled and ready to be filled one day before event.

Sample individual packaging. No additional fee for sticker design, label and ribbon.

Chocolate Cupcakes ready to be frosted.

Two-Tone Marshmallow Rosettes on top of the cupcakes with silver edible beads.

Ready for safe transport!

Letter Cupcakes spell the Name or a greeting for the baby we welcomed to the world!

7 comments on “Tower Gift Cupcake
  1. Geeky Guide says:

    Aww, that’s just adorable!

  2. Kylie Fajardo says:

    hi! how much for this? thanks

  3. jasmine says:

    Do you take orders from Saipan?

    • Dwin says:

      Hello Jasmine. We can take orders from Saipan for relatives in Manila if that’s what you mean. You can send payments through Xoom, or Western Union.

  4. Jasmine Hocog says:

    what i meant was… do you send your cupcake tower to Saipan?

    • zenithlen says:

      sorry for the late reply, we have never tried shipping it overseas as most couriers here in the Philippines do not accept pastries or delicate items for shipping. sorry we haven’t found the company that can do that yet.

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