Rainbow Cupcakes

Description: Butter Cupcakes made more fun! It can also come in various flavors… however, we suggest you decide 1 flavor for every batch of order. Available flavors: Strawberry, Ube (Yam), Lemon, Pandan, Orange or Vanilla. Minimum number of cupcakes 24 pieces (comes in two boxes of 12 pieces).

Details: Soft creamy butter cupcakes in 7 layered colors. Baked to show the colorful arch of the Rainbow at it’s cross-section. These cupcakes can also be finished with 1 Frosting and your choice of Cupcake Topper 1 and Cupcake Topper 2.

  • Frosting Choices per batch of 24 pieces:
    1. Marshmallow Icing Twirl- two of any color of the rainbow
    2. Royal Icing Twirl- two of any color of the rainbow
    3. White Chocolate Ganache Blanket
    4. Dark Chocolate Ganache Blanket
  • Topper 1 Choices per batch of 24 pieces:
    1. Colored Sugar Crystals – two of any color of the rainbow
    2. Multi-Colored Sprinkles
    3. Chocolate Sprinkles
  • Topper 2 Choices per batch of 24 pieces:
    1. Mini White Marshmallows
    2. Mini Colored Marshmallows
    3. Dark Chocolate Chips
    4. White Chocolate Chips

More Pictures:

The colored Butter Cupcake batters.

The papercup colors to be used.

Piping the first color. Red batter is piped at the bottom center forming a small ball.

Next colors are Orange, Yellow, Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue and Violet. All piped to cover the previous color.

Cupcake liners are filled upto 3/4 of the quantity then baked at 280 Degrees Farenheit for at least 25 minutes or until the testers come out clean. On this picture, you can already see the different rainbow shades as they are layered on the sides of this cupcake.

Cross-Section of 1 Plain Rainbow Butter Cupcake.

Frosting Choice: White Chocolate Ganache Blankets. Hmmm, two are already missing on this tray. The Captain wonders where it went?!

Topper 2 Choice is Dark Chocolate Chips. The Captain notes 1 more cupcake is missing on this tray.

Rainbow Cupcake Cross-Section. With Frosting 3 (White Chocolate Ganache Blanket), Topper 1.2 (Sprinkles) and Topper  2.3 (Dark Chocolate Chips). Also shown above, Topper 2.2 (Colored Marshmallows).