Come a Long Way since the Golden Sash

Nearly over 7 years ago we made this cake for a dear friend. She brought us a picture of the cake she wanted which she freshly cut right out of the magazine.

At the time, we knew of the venue being out in the open as the ceremony is in a garden. We figured, edible bows won’t stand under the heat of the sun so we suggested them to be made of cloth. That solved that. and it did withstand heat however, at the time, the weather was quite tricky that sometime after the ceremony…during the banquet, it drizzled. Then proceeded to become full pledged rain! We were up on our toes getting this baby to shelter but the fondant was already sagging at the sides.

Still, the couple was happy as to how it turned out and the guests loved the idea that the wedding cake was all cake and they had a piece to dine or a chunk to take home if they wished.

Looking back now, we believe we have come a long way since then and a lot of our cakes have this one to remember that sometimes, even if you plan so much ahead, there are things that happen that you didn’t prepare for. There are times you’ll have to wing it as it comes. But the more prepared you are, the better your chances are at stability and cake durability.

Among the first cakes we made that withstood the test of nature.


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