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Cake Decorating Supplies


Only almost a year into being a member of the ShopBakersNook facebook page and we have improved so much on our cake decorating techniques.

This facebook group is haven for all bakers, cake and cookie decorators alike. A newbie, fresh into holding on to their wooden spoon over an experimental batter is very much welcome as the next top baker online. There, we did not find any distinction between enthusiasts and professionals. Everyone loves what they do and they love sharing the information to improve the other’s craft.

If you want to learn anything and everything about baking cakes for fun or for business, this is the group you’d want to belong to. I’ve stumbled to a lot of community and still nothing compares to the camaraderie this group has. What is more is that any bakery item or ingredient you may need will be made available to you by the store. Check out their website at or become a member of the existing fb group at  You will discover the best support group you can ever have in baking and confectionery.

Happy Baking!!!


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