Chibi Sasuke Cake

Description: We were inspired by a line art we found online for a boy who celebrated his 8th birthday. Being a fan of Sasuke in the hit anime Naruto, he only wanted a cake designed with Sasuke… we took it a level higher, finding a Sasuke sketch online – thanks to the homepage of sasukehatesu, we got to create this 3D ALL-EDIBLE cake.


  • Carved Deep Dark Chocolate Cake and jar.
    2 pcs 3″x6″ round cake for the lower part of the head and body
    1 pc 3″x3″ round cake for the jar.
  • 9″x9″x1″ size Rice Krispie Treats
    cut and shaped to form the forehead, neck, arms to hands, legs to feet, and the snake.
  • Covered in thick Royal Icing then Fondant
  • Decorated with colored Gum Paste
  • 30 servings

More Pictures:

Left to right:

First is the neck, body with legs and arms.
Second is the forehead and lower head.
Third is the snake on a jar.

Other angle with the 1.5K Fondant that was used from covering to Gum Paste decorating.

Pre-Assembled structure

Royal Icing with first thin layer of Fondant.

Second layer of fondant to set the skin tone and short pants.

Blue Gum Paste for the shirt.

Colored Gum Paste used to finish the snake in a jar.

Sasuke’s arms, legs and feet covered, decorated and attached.

Fitting the jar onto the board.

Gum Paste is also layered to give the eye details.

Sasuke’s emblem attached at the back.

Cutting up final details for the shirt including hair.

Sasuke starts to get his layers of hair and his Naruto headband is in place.

Almost done.

We had to put crumpled tissue in between his hair to keep them up as the Gum Paste sets and stiffens.

Made a flute out of fondant then painted it brown. Attached it to the head with a barbecue stick.

Painting the final touches for the birthday boy.

Done and delivered. 🙂

Sasuke’s right side.

With the party kids, happily anticipating the tasting of their celebration cake.