Our Fondant Recipe as Promised

Our Fondant Recipe as Promised

When we had our fondant cake decorating demonstration last May 23 in SM Supercenter Muntinlupa, the participants wanted the recipe for the mix we used. As promised:

  • 1 K Powdered Sugar
  • 450 g Cornstarch
  • 100 ml water
  • 3 eggwhites
  • 150 ml glucose
  • 65 ml glycerine
  • 20 g gum mix

Sift the powdered sugar onto a large bowl then make a well in the center. See below.

Pour the 3 eggwhites into the well.

Whisk with beaters to loosen the albumen.

Heat the glucose with water but not up to boiling point. In the picture at the top we’ve already put the water and glucose together in the liquid measuring cup. Remove from heat then add glycerine.

Add the slightly hot mixture while you whisk the eggwhites. Slowly widen your whisk strokes to add powdered sugar a little at a time.

Continue to whisk until it forms a thick ribbon royal icing.

Stir in the gum mix.

Thoroughly whisk the mixture. At this point you can tint the fondant to your preferred color or keep the batch white.

Scoop a third of the cornstarch quantity into the mixture then stir carefully.

Once all the cornstarch you added are fully incorporated into the mixture, you may add the second third portion of the cornstarch. At this point you may use a rubber scraper instead of the wire whisk to continue stirring ast the mixture starts to get heavier.

After mixing it in thoroughly, you may add the last third of the cornstarch into the mixture. Carefully fold it in to make a soft to slightly firm ball.

Continue folding until the mixture forms a soft to firm dough that may easily be scraped from the sides of the bowl. Scoop the whole mixture onto your work surface and prepare for the kneading process.

Make sure your work area is free of clutter so that you can work the dough through nicely. Preferable work surface are stainless steel, marble or in this case a glass topped table. Do not work fondant on wood!

First kneading technique is the Half Fold and Roll. Using a dough scraper on one hand,

 Lightly grab the top half of the dough then fold over.

Press the dough lighly forward.

Scrape the sides then half fold it over again. Repeat the procedure until the dough has mostly absorbed the cornstarch.

Second kneading technique, Quarter Turn. You will need to use this technique to gather the dough into a smooth soft ball.

Imagine the dough has four parts: top left fourth, top right fourth, lower left fourth and lower right fourth.  Gather the top right fourth and fold it to the center…

…while you use your other hand to push the lower left fourth to the right.

Repeat the process until you have made one turn for all quarters.

After a full quarter turn, do about 3 half fold and roll kneading and 1 more set of quarter turns. Keep scraping the sides into the ball. You will have this formed dough.

This dough is ready for covering and shaping!

You may have to add more cornstarch if the mixture is too soft, just don’t put anymore powdered sugar.

Remember, there are different conditions in every kitchen. I work in a very humid climate so the best way to end with the result you will surely love is to practice and do some experimentation of your own. I’ve been tempering this mixture for about 3 years. There are times – especially on certain weather conditions – that the same measurements give different output. Best way to go about this is to add or deduct water/glucose or cornstarch content. The rest can stay as is.

Just to share with you also some of our demo pics, visit our facebook page or click this link to see the cupcakes. We only got 2 hours to demonstrate them and we ended up with a Cupcake Decorating Contest/Exhibit!

Happy Mixing and Decorating!

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