How Our Temple of Fates Cake came to be

How Our Temple of Fates Cake came to be

We have always made it a point to share our activities especially on cakes we make. ๐Ÿ™‚ It is as much fun to us, if not more, as it is consuming them. This is also to thank everyone who has helped us reach more than 800 hits on our Temple of Fates entry. We can only hope to live up to the expectation and continue to better our craft. Besides, everyday is a day to learn and an opportunity to discover new things right?

Our friend came to us about six months ago with his Kratos figure. He further told us that it is his wish that he can see this figure posed in front of an actual Temple of Fates and asked if we can make him the Temple as his birthday cake. At the time it was unimaginable for us to be able to make one, as we have never made anything like it before. We haven’t even made our own castle cake yet, which I think would have been a great foundation for the required skill to make the temple.

But how could we say no? How could I say no? Even Edwin joined in with the request to make the cake fueled by his own enthusiasm because he is a gamer himself. So we did. We received pictures of the temple in our emails and for the next three months, I suppose I just stared at it. And stared some more. Major elements of the temple were the pillars and the giant statues that seem to hold it up. At first, we were having doubts if we can pull off the statues. Our friend told us then that it could be disregarded altogether if it wouldn’t hold up the cake. So we got a “settling point”. It would be super to have the statues, but he would settle and be fine with it if it weren’t there. We were set.

Two months away from the cake delivery, we already have a clear idea on the cake structure. Budget dictated us to make the floor and cake base made of styrofoam sheets. We scouted for the ingredients, especially those that were hard to come by like the bronze powder, fondant improvers and the like. There were ingredients we had to work around with because if we did use them, the cake would skyrocket on cost alone!

A month away from the cake delivery, we bought everything needed from edible to support components.

Three weeks from cake delivery, actual cake production started.

The pillars and eagle relief definitely needed to be made way ahead to ensure they are sturdy when we attach them to the cake. we had to set them on fondant shaping tubes for the initial shape then decorated the columns.

The main pillars naturally took longer time to set. It was about one week before we completed the panels and the carvings in front of it.

The eagle was a challenge to put together because the image we got was quite blurred so we just worked on a simplified version and shaped the cut-outs using the fondant shaping tools.

Four days before cake delivery, we baked the cakes. We had to make 10 pcs of 9.5×9.5×1.5 square cakes. 4 were cut diagonally to get the triangular cake for the temple’s wings. 5 were stacked and 1 was used to cut out the front ramp and 2 wing tower-domes.

The cakes were wrapped with cling film then foil and stored in the chiller until one day prior to cake delivery.

Two days before cake delivery. Styrofoam base was cut and shaped then secured together. All of the surface was covered in foil ready for the fondant. At this point we were toying with the idea that we could make the statues to complete the temple. It isn’t the Temple of Fates without the statues as we came to think about it. We have yet to discover where to buy Rice Krispy Treats for the core so we decided to use carved styrofoam for it instead. Edwin made the styrofoam core then wrapped it with foil. Then it was initially covered with gumpaste ready for fondant detailing.

One day before cake delivery. Cake base is completely covered with fondant. Cakes were unwrapped and were layered with rolled fondant. We also did a quick shaping of the trees to be placed beside the statues.

A thin coat of Royal Icing was spread all around it then covered completely with rolled fondant.

12 hours before cake delivery. The cake was ready for its detailing. We rolled out 6 flat squares of black fonant about 3x5x0.25 inch dimensions. then let it set flat on trays. We then cut out strips of brown fondant and attatched these to the black squares. Using an artist’s brush we painted a darker shade of brown. The brush streaks provided an added effect and defined the impressions we made on the brown strips.

These panels were arranged on four sides of the cake then secured in between by the mini pillars. The back panel is a wider cut-out of the brown fondant sheet and painted with the same shade of brown coloring paint. The panel sheets were allowed to dry and after about two hours, it was attached to the cake sides with the use of a thin spread of royal icing.

While these panels were drying, we finished shaping the two statues. For the heads, we crumpled a strip of aluminum foil into a small ball. Then covered it with fondant. For Kronos, we kept him without hair. ๐Ÿ™‚ Zeus had to have some hair and beard on him so we pinched around the ball to achieve the hair and beard shape then used fondant tools to impress streaks for his hair. using our fingers we pinched the noses and eyebrows, finishing it off with the lips.

The statues hands were supported by barbecue sticks: 1 inserted from the shoulders and another at the smaller circle where the hand is supposed to rest. A tube of fondant is pushed through each of the barbecue sticks then joined together to form the elbows. The muscles of the arms and shoulders were added on with patches of fondant to achieve the bulk-buff look. The arms that reach up either pillars with the hands were supported also by barbecue sticks inserted in the statue’s body. The hands were the tricky part of the shaping process as we had to carefully pinch out the fingers and refer to several pictures and actual hand visual for the proportions. We were lucky to have achieved the look on the pillar. The palms were brushed with water then secured firmly onto the pillars.

6 hours before cake delivery was a blur of colors! Edwin worked his magic with the airbrush and colored away. A combination of brush painting and airbrushing techniques were done where the brush painting gave the metallic definitions of parts of the cake.

Three hours before the cake was delivered, we attached the colored trees as they have now set firmly to the inserted dowel rods. The vines were made of green royal icing that were piped onto the pillars.

Most of the output is made purely out of rough estimations and visual proportion. To say it simply, if it looks ok then it is a go. ๐Ÿ™‚ Edwin says next time we make this cake we’ll have to do less freehand cutting and shaping and use specific measurements more. The best airbrush compressor reviews helped us to achieve the perfect masterpiece.

We still have a lot to go through to perfect our skills. Thanks to the facebook community of shopbakersnook for the inspiration and support ย of this cake. and to everyone who liked our newest cake addition to the site, thank you thank you so much!


until the next epic cake!

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