The Train and the Birds

Character Party Cake

  • Description: Custom 3D Carved Cake covered with Royal Icing and Marshmallow Fondant
  • Package Includes: 50 pieces Custom Designed Cup Cakes (same flavor as main cake)
  • Lead Time: please confirm at least 2 months prior to event date
  • Number of servings: 80 including cupcakes
65 comments on “The Train and the Birds
  1. Sumi says:

    These are so cute! 😀 My nephew loves Thomas to bits! Too bad though we live up north.. >.<

  2. tatess says:

    natuwa naman ang anak ko dito .sabi nya”look mommy,chu chu train’ at dami pang look,hehe. San Pedro pala may charge na.ang sasarap ng cup cakes.

    • zenithlen says:

      heheh! we’re happy your child likes it. we did a delivery to san pedro just last week, the additional fee is only PhP500.00

  3. VIoly says:

    OMG so cute!!! hope to have a kid soon so i can order those cute cakes for their bdays!! hehe

  4. Mei says:

    Grabe ang mahal pala magpacustomize hehehe
    Pero sulit na yan sa mga magpapaparty :))

    • zenithlen says:

      some of the ingredients kasi aren’t always available in the local supermarket plus design and production time is longer which makes overhead costs higher. thank you for posting!

  5. cute cakes!!! hehehe noted your info on my mobile 🙂

  6. Hope I could learn to make these someday 🙂

    • zenithlen says:

      we also posted some of the pictures during “the making of” hopefully it could give you tips on how to do it too.

  7. KC says:

    Can I have some? 😀

  8. Gemma says:

    sooooo cute!!! love your photos! 🙂

    • zenithlen says:

      we are working on different angles too! heheh! like while we’re making cakes, we’re also learning photography!

  9. how cute!
    thomas was my lil cousin’s favorite. =) nice cakes!

  10. themed cakes are now more of in demand in parties. I knew of a baker in Marikina who bakes similar to the ones you do. Mas gusto ng mga kids ang mga ganito na theme sa cakes very unlike sa mga old cake types and design.

    • zenithlen says:

      yes very much so. Birthday cakes or themed cakes are even more challenging on design, concept and preparation than before.

  11. Nancy says:

    WOW! That must be one hell of a job!

    kakaaliw yung mga angry cupcakes 😀

  12. Clint says:

    Waaaa! Si Thomas! Ang cute! Ayaw ko sa Angry Birds. Okay sana kung Happy Birds.

  13. Paige says:

    Sobrang cute naman…parang ayaw mo nalang kainin kasi nanghihinayang ka sa design. Atsaka para sa akin affordable ung package price 🙂

    • zenithlen says:

      thank you! we are very happy you like them. Captain makes sure you get your cake and eat it too! 🙂 so to speak.

  14. EDMARATION says:

    The products look very inviting especially for children, Good offer here!

    • zenithlen says:

      Thanks very much. We like to provide the most maximized cake experience to our clients. There are times we even work around the design based on the clients’ budget.

  15. Whatever their styles, their decorations, or theme, these bakeries, bread maker or whatever, our point to consider as parents for our kids to eat is the nutritional value of such bread or cakes for that matter.

    Reactions from Gil Camporazo of RandomThoughts!

    • zenithlen says:

      we make a point not to put too much sugar on our cakes and icings as compared to the usual recipes. our previous clients have given feedback that our cakes aren’t too sweet. for more nutritionally loaded cakes, we recommend the banana chocolate chip or the citrus carrot cupcakes. aside from this, we use fresh and FDA approved ingredients. in terms of quantity on cake, we also do not spread icing of more than half an inch around the cake. back then when i was a kid, i remember when we had to order cakes for our birthdays, we receive ones that have really thick icings which eventually leads to us getting sugarshocked! heheh! My father was diabetic so when I started to have the interest on cake, it was already a conscious effort for us to cut the sugar quantity in any recipe we test.

  16. Kathy Ngo says:

    Those are really nice. My son loves Thomas. He loves angry Birds too. 7th birthday coming up. I’m interested.

  17. Aleah says:

    Can’t relate as I don’t play Angry Birds and I don’t know who Thomas is. But I guess this would appeal to children and the children at heart.

    • zenithlen says:

      yes it would especially those who like something different from the usual birthday cakes. sometimes cakes like these could also be a conversation piece in the party. 🙂

  18. julie says:

    awww soooo cuuutttttteeeee! If only I can do something like this. I should not leave the country and make a business like this. This is something I really wanted to do.

    • zenithlen says:

      there is always room for businesses here. we all just need to find the niche market and love what we do. presently, we are building our client base. hopefully we get to have the ideal number of cake orders per month soon. we really are enjoying the projects we get.

  19. its sooo cute!!
    I’ll recommend this to my friends

  20. yuuki says:

    such cute cake and cupcakes! such a pity to be eaten 😉

    • zenithlen says:

      heheh! i don’t know how they did the cutting but our client said it was just right on flavor, sweetness and that the cake was really moist. We were just so happy that when the celebrant ran out of their house to see the cake first, he immediately exclaimed “It’s Thomaaas!!!”…all the hard work we did completely evaporated when we saw how happy and excited he was!

  21. Rachelle says:

    Photos look amazing! Although I’m not a fan of cakes and cupcakes, I’ll definitely share this post to those I know would love them and are around the area.

    • zenithlen says:

      thank you for sharing. we may get to turn in even better pictures soon. 🙂 lets keep our fingers crossed.

  22. Bien Nonoy says:

    i love the angry bird cupcakes. another interesting theme to consider for my kids’ birthday parties.

    • zenithlen says:

      they do belong to the top ten cake design choices of kids others like ben10, beyblade, fairy/tinkerbell, disney princess… and you would be surprised some are kids at heart!

  23. I like the Thomas cake and the Green Pigs cupcakes.

  24. Faust says:

    alot of people are going gaga over this angry birds thing, including me, can I have a cupcake inspired angry bird? yummy..

  25. Algene says:

    Wala ba kayong branch sa Davao? Hehe 😀

    • zenithlen says:

      not yet. but a friend is looking at a possibility of making a satellite kitchen there. although not within the year.

  26. kiko says:

    thanks for this site, this is my first time to visit, and you’ve given me an idea for my business site about to launch, BTW thanks for commenting on my blogpost

  27. Nice. Very colorful and fun to eat. Hehehe.

  28. Cha says:

    Oh how I love your post!They’re so cute. I love playing angry birds game whenever I find time. And this cupcakes reminds me of my friend who is a pro when it comes to baking. She loves making angry bird cakes and cupcakes.

  29. chrisair says:

    wow that was so cute, it so creative, I bet that I can’t eat a cake like that

  30. rudolphian says:

    wow galeng nang pagkacustomize ng cakes. sana may ganito sa davao

  31. Ed Zafra says:

    Our 4-year old granddaughter (our one and only ‘apo’) loves Angry Birds so much. I’m sure she will go wild if we would have an all-Angry Birds party in her coming birthday. Based on Angry Birds’ popularity and your expertise on organizing such kind of children’s party, you should be doing well in your business.

  32. ROMELO says:

    Ha ha ha! Pinapanood ng anak ko yan si Thomas tapos favorite pa niya ang mga angry birds. Magugustuhan yan ng mga bata.

  33. Ric says:

    Sikat na sikat na talaga si Angry Birds at si Thomas the train. Thomas is my eldest son’s favorite. About angry birds naman, pwede kayo maglaro online nyan libre na no need any download. Ito ang link if you want to play for free online Have fun and enjoy!

  34. Glenn Lurz says:

    I could not refrain from commenting. Exceptionally well written!